Peter Rubin will get journalistic like what. He was staff writer at GQ for a while, until he unleashed his freelance maelstrom on the world. His work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, Details, XXL, Spin, ESPN, Elle,and a whole heap of other reputable spots. Like the New York Times! He deals with cultural stuff, mostly, everything from television to literature to hip-hop to celebrity profiles, though he's been known to do some fancier things too--grooming and whatnot. And don't tell anyone, but he once wrote one of those "Men's new sexual needs!" stories for Glamour. Now that's gangsta. He's also the executive editor at Complex, which is hot shit for Skittles kids with closets full of $200 limited-edition sneakers. In the meantime and between time, he does origami. (No, really.) And will whup you at Boggle. (Again, really.) He has less hair than Malcolm Gladwell, and less estrogen than Joan Didion. But more sabor. He lives in Brooklyn with his lady and his cats. Also, that's an old picture. He'd shaved too closely that day.