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Now That’s What I Call a Lede

14 September 2008 | Miscellany, Movies | 145 Comments

From an AP story on the BoSox-Jays doubleheader:

Howard Ulman, I don’t know who you are, but thank you. Thank you for reaching out to the fourth-grader in all of us. Or at least me.

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Live-Blogging the Republican National Convention, Day 3

3 September 2008 | Miscellany | 121 Comments


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A Concerned Note to Jelly Belly®

13 August 2008 | Miscellany | 1 Comment

So listen. That right there? That does not taste like “juicy pear.” When I went to the store in search of Welch’s brand Fruit Snacks, and was thwarted, I sought solace in your “Fruit Bowl” offering. “A delightful array of fruity flavors!” I said. “They might not be Welch’s, but this is the kind of [...]

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Done Lists: Like a To-Do List in Reverse

12 August 2008 | Miscellany | 54 Comments

Sometimes making lists at the beginning of a day is good because it helps me stay “organized.” This is different from being “organizized,” a variety of organizedness broadcast by terminally frazzled people (hence, in my theory at least, the extra z). These are the same people who, when you ask how they are, respond “I’m [...]

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